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Barossa Water Systems was first started twenty-five years ago by Robin Phillips after he had studied engineering and completed his trade as a fitter and turner at Davey Pumps.


His business serviced the Barossa's water needs for thirteen years before he sold, and then he went on to manage the business for a further seven.


Now, five years later, Robin is back in ownership.

Pump Testing and Repairs

We have the latest pump test facility built at our workshop and we are the state warranty and service agent for a major pump company.



We stock the latest electronic units to ensure household pumps not only have constant pressure, but are power efficient as well. We offer new Frequency Drive pump heads to help cut the costs of household living and help manage your power bill.


Robin's son Bradley has joined the business, bringing with him knowledge from his studies in the field of I.T. at University of South Australia. His knowledge of modern technology is an asset to this industry and business. 


Having grown up helping his father, he understands pumps and irrigation needs and the need for efficient water usage. 


He is looking after the sales side of the business and managing all office related components, but also understands fundamentals of water, its applications and uses. 

Not only do we sell pumps and related pipework but we provide relative information for the treatment of water so that a customer receives the most efficient system; whether it be with the pump, filter, or treatment. 



We supply and install pumps, tanks, irrigation systems, water filters and storm water piping. If your system causes hot and cold showers, we have the answer. We have successfully completed installations such as the Barossa Golf Course, Christmas Island Detention Centre irrigation system, vineyards, ovals and even Granny's drip system along her driveway.


Water Treatment and Filtration

Water treatment is something we stress the importance of. No-one wants to be drinking or using contaminated water, nor showering in chlorine, so we can treat any problem your water may have; be that mains, rain water, or grey water; we can bring it up to the cleanest drinking standard.


Firefighting and Camlock

We stock practical firefighting units for farm utes and water trucks. We also supply Camlock fittings to make connection and disconnection immediate, allowing these units to be used for multiple purposes.


The Christmas Island Detention Centre, where we installed lawn and garden irrigation systems.

Robin Phillips during the installation of the Barossa Golf Course.

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