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Barossa Valley automation of Pond Pumps, Garden Lights, Popups, Drippers and Sprayers. Stormwater collection, Tanks, Filtration and Aeration, Drainage and Automatic Sump Pumps.

Barossa Water Systems have installed hundreds of home irrigation systems, including lawns, gardens, water tanks, storm water connection, installation of tank pads and garden taps.


Common household issues we resolve:


  • Low Pressure Problems

  • High Pressure Problems

  • Constant Leaks / Pipe Problems

  • Catching Your Rainwater

  • Pump Repairs and Leaks

  • Hot and Cold Showers

  • Frozen Water Pipes

  • Water Taste / Smell

  • Discolouration of Water

  • High Water Bills


The company name was chosen many years ago with its reference to residential water needs. We can accommodate any water need you have at your home.


Our plant and equipment is designed to fit in and around homes and our push trencher especially is designed for confined trenching, making it ideal for installing water pipes in suburban environments.


We treat and filter both rain water and mains water for use in your house and yard, making it safe for consumption and safe for your plants.





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