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Barossa Valley Firefighting Units and Camlock Fittings.

We supply Camlock Fittings, IBC Adaptors, and the most efficient Firefighting Units available.

IBC Adaptor

We stock IBC Adaptors

to convert your 1000L

pallet tank to 2" BSP. ($14.30)


We stock practical firefighting units for farm utes and water trucks.


2" Honda Firefighter ($750)

- Fire Fighting

- Farm Use

- Rapid Self Priming

- Roll Over Frame

- Cast Iron

- Made in Japan

- Catalogue Download


1" Honda Firefighter ($560)

- 4 Stroke

- 7kg weight

- Multipurpose / Portable

- Spot Fire Mop Up

- Farm Use

- Water Transfer


Camlock fittings make connection and disconnection immediate, allowing these units to be used for multiple purposes. You could refill your water tank easily from a dam, or from a camlock adapted water trough.

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